ProtoTest - Beyond Bugs

Your software has to be better than good. It has to be great.

But when it comes to QA, who has the time? Who has the skills?

Functional Testing

Apps and sites are first about accomplishing some task, so they have to work consistently and intuitively. Our functional tests ensure your app has a strong foundation, and it thoroughly meets all requirements.

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Test Automation

Not every test can or should be automated. But maintaining an agile pace while testing across a wide range of browsers and devices requires efficient, resilient, affordable test automation.

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Usability Testing

People will show us what they like – and what frustrates them – about your app or site. We observe carefully chosen participants and share patterns and themes with you to enable a fantastic user experience.

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Performance Testing

People won’t wait – they expect instant results. We simulate thousands of users to ensure your servers can stand the heat and present an optimal experience, regardless of traffic.

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Your app is unique

Just like the people they’re designed for, each app has different needs and characteristics that make it unique. ProtoTest specializes in creating custom testing plans that are tailored specifically to your app, while emphasizing your priorities and goals.

How Unique?