ProtoTest - Beyond Bugs


Testing for speed

Mobile users won’t wait – they expect instant results. We test to ensure that end-users have an optimal mobile experience. So you can deliver an app that takes users from start to finish without interrupting their on-the-go lifestyle.


Testing for strength

Secure and reliable apps inspire confidence and trust, ensuring user retention. We test to make certain that apps are not failure-prone, and that they deliver results while protecting the user from security threats


Testing for people

We believe that technology is a means to an end, and that ultimately people determine what makes for a quality mobile experience. Our in-house user experience experts help you deliver an easy-to-use app that is designed to please.


Testing for function

Mobile apps and sites are first and foremost about accomplishing some task, so they have to work. Our functional tests ensure that your app has a strong foundation, and that it thoroughly meets the requirements of both developers and end-users.

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Your app is unique

Just like the people they’re designed for, each app has different needs and characteristics that make it unique. ProtoTest specializes in creating custom testing plans that are tailored specifically to your app, while emphasizing your priorities and goals.

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